Learn How to Shoot a Wedding From Start to Finish
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1. Pre-Production: From First Contact To Final Booking.

2. Pre-Wedding Prep: Everything To Prepare For The Wedding Day.

3. Lighting, Styling & Shooting The Details. (Free)

4. Getting Ready Shots: Setting The Tone & Capturing Key Moments.

5. Shooting The First Look.

6. Bride & Groom Portraits.

7. Shooting The Bridal Party.

8. Shooting The Ceremony.

9. Shooting Family Photos.

10. Shooting The Reception.

Bonus. Process & Deliver Photos.

The Wedding Workshop

With James & Jess


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James & Jess Wittmayer

“Hey guys! We are James & Jess. A husband and wife photography team who are in love with each other and photography. We have been shooting a combined 14 years and now we decided it’s time to share our knowledge with you. We both have realized how much time and effort (and at times embarrassment) we could have saved if we had tools like this when we first started. This series is for those of you who have only shot a handful of wedding, or less, or even no weddings at all. This is our 10 episode series covering wedding photography from start to finish. It includes downloadable PDFs of our ideal timeline, Wedding Day Checklist, and much more. Along with customizable PSD’s for you to make your own. We want to share all of our tools and tricks to help you be totally confident on the wedding day!“