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Megan was born on Nov 13th, 2014, a couple weeks early after ultrasound monitoring showed she had bleeding in her brain. After birth, she was whisked away for testing and began to experience seizures. The bleeding appeared to have caused a cyst to form which was putting pressure on her brain. After installing a shunt to alleviate the pressure, she improved and the cyst was shrinking and being reabsorbed into her body. After about a month and a half in the NICU, Megan went home! But, just a few weeks later, she returned to the ER after she appeared ill. The doctors found a mass and performed emergency surgery. A few days later, another surgery removed all of the mass and things looked good. Just a month later, a scan revealed that the mass had reemerged and spread to other parts of her brain. It was Glioblastoma Multiforme, a rare and aggressive form of brain cancer that is typically found in adults. At just over 9 lbs in March of 2015, she was too small for chemo and more brain surgeries would likely make no difference. I photographed her at this time through Dreams Come True Jacksonville as part of her dream. She was a fighter even with cancer consuming her brain and lived longer than the doctors estimate of a few weeks. At 6 months, I photographed her again to celebrate her half birthday because the family knew she would likely not make it to her 1st birthday. We celebrated by letting her taste chocolate for the first time! She lived with the love of her family for another month, passing away in June 2015 at 7 months old. The family asked me to photograph her funeral. I can remember so much about this day, but this moment touched me deeply. Her two brothers were overwhelmed and tired and just barely hanging in there during all of the viewing service and graveside ceremony. Then this quiet moment peeked out of the hum just when everyone was ready to walk away. The younger of her two brothers just rested his head on her casket for about 5 seconds and then he was off again. Its hard to remember a time like this as fond, but I am honored still to have known and held and smiled with Megan during her short life and Ill remember her life and death forever.