Do I give up ownership of my photos when I submit them?

Absolutely not! You retain full ownership and grant us the license to use the photo. Apart from displaying photos during voting, we will always use photo credit where possible and appropriate because we love to celebrate your incredible talent!

Do the submitted photos have to be from this year?

Photos do not need to have been taken in 2017, but photos submitted in previous Shoot & Share contests are not allowed to be resubmitted.

Why do I see photos multiple times when voting?

The contest is constantly balancing to make sure that photos are all viewed an equal number of times. The system doesn’t track which photos each individual voter has seen, so as it balances, there is a chance that you’ll see the same photo more than once. This is normal.

Can my business partner or second shooter submit photos too?

Each individual photographer can submit photos that they have personally captured.

Can I put the same photo into multiple categories?

Each photo can be submitted once. Pick the category that you feel best suits your photo!

Can I submit very similar photos into the same category?

We encourage people to submit photos unique from one another. If similar photos (i.e. minor pose changes, different crops/edits) place in the top 100, the top one will place. The rest will not be eligible to place.

Can I enter photos that I second shot at a wedding?

It is your responsibility to confirm with the primary shooter that you have the permission to submit those photos to the photo contest.

Can I submit all my photos in one category?

Feel free to submit your 50 entries into any category or a combination of categories that you choose!

Can I enter a photo that is digitally enhanced? (ex. add a T-rex behind a bridal party)

Photos that are heavily digitally altered will only be allowed in the “Personal Work” category.

When voting if I see a photo that shouldn’t be in that category, what do I do?

Don’t worry about it 🙂 Some incorrectly submitted photos sneak through. They’ll get voted out and go away as the rounds go on.

What are the chances I will see my photo?

With hundreds of thousands of photos submitted, the odds of seeing one of your own photos are VERY slim. If you do… congrats!

What if I don’t want to vote for any of the photos in the grouping?

We encourage you to pick your favorite out of the four displayed photos.

What if I submit my photo in the wrong category?

Each photo is verified prior to being accepted into the contest… If you submit your photos early on in the submission process, your chances of being able to resubmit into the correct category is greater.

If my photo is disqualified will I be notified before voting?

If your photo is disqualified, we make every effort to make you aware of its disqualification and the reason.

How can I see the photos I submitted?

Head over to ALSO, you can see how many times your photos have been favorited!

Where do I find my favorites?

Head over to

How does the contest algorithm work?

During voting, the contest displays a random set of 4 photos from a random category (25 categories). Each photo is in 48 different “sets”. Some categories had WAY more photos submitted than others, so the chances are, you’ll see more “sets” pop up to vote on from those categories. (i.e. More “Wedding Couple”, “Engagement”, and “Toddler” photos and less “Just the groom”, That Just Happened”, and “Phone Photography”). You can trust that it’s set up to keep everything fair! Every new round that we go into, new “Sets” are generated, and so every photo that moves on, gets matched up with NEW photos from that category.