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The Guide was born out of the frustration and all of the mistakes we made when we were first starting our business, trying to build momentum by doing what everyone said we were “supposed” to do. And how that just. wasn’t. working. It took us being in the grit of it, taking a really hard look at what actually worked and what didn’t, and being willing to take the risk to do the opposite of what everyone else at the time was doing. It took us trusting our gut, and following our intuition, innovating, and developing strategies that didn’t exist yet, but ones that aligned with the kind of business we wanted to have. A remarkable one. An incredibly successful one. But most importantly, a business fueled by heart. The Guide is the 60 page step by step instruction manual for how we did just that. It is full of ideas, images, and information that breaks out step by step how we went from barely booking in our business, to actually getting to pick & choose our entire calendar’s worth of couples.