On Fear.

- by Diana Moschitz - Fear has one setting. On or Off! It’s like a toddler. Toddlers scream. They scream regardless of whether they scraped their knee, they had a bad dream, they banged their head or their toast is cut in the wrong shape. Parents learn pretty to react...

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7 Tips To Nail Your Posing Game

- by Danette Chappell -  I often look at my photos, and I take inventory.  I critique my lighting, my composition and framing, and my post-processing.  Then I look at my posing.  Too many times, mediocre posing has ruined a fantastic photo.  And its because of this,...

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Why Voting in the Shoot and Share Contest Made me a Better Photographer {Creatively and Financially}

The Shoot & Share contest came out when I was entering my 4th year of photography. I was doing okay business wise, I was charging $400 for a session and loved being a full time photographer, but something was missing. I was no longer shooting for myself and only shooting for clients. That was great, they pay my bills! However, I just kept missing that passion and the excitement to create. On top of it, I was not fully inspired. I have a great community of photographers where I live, and some bigger photographers that I followed on Facebook, however, I was really in my own bubble and stuck creatively, I wasn't seeing anything new and fresh and certainly no diversity. I was stuck.... read more

My Best Business Advice: One Simple Truth

Today’s post is something that I think about a lot. A whole lot. Even though we’ve only been “officially” in business for three years, I have found what I’m about to share with you to be true, through + through. read more

You Can’t Do Everything. 20 Things I Outsource.

Can I get an amen for the title of this blog post? If you are a photographer who owns your own business, it doesn't take long to realize that you just can't do it all. Heck, if you're a HUMAN, you've likely got more on your plate than you can handle yourself. The good news is: we aren't meant to. read more

Puppy Bouquets Go Viral!

What is better than flower bouquets?? How about Rescue Puppies!! Yes, it's true. These bridesmaids turned in their flower bouquets in exchange for some of the cutest puppies you've ever seen. And this bride is the real deal - she works every single day with rescue puppies and has a huge heart for them. But okay, seriously, you need to check out some of these photos. read more

One Month To Give

My wonderful Aunt Ann was battling cancer in 2012 while balancing a full-time job and keeping up with her home. She was my hero and I knew I needed to help her but I wasn’t quite sure how I could. read more

3 Keys to Create an Exciting About Page

When someone comes to our website, we have 9 seconds to make a connection with our online audience. In that time, if all your prospect knows from your About Page is you were born with a camera in your hand, you shot 9,000 images before age 12 and you dream in frames, your About Page needs an over haul. read more

Top 10 Wedding Etiquette Rules For Guests

Since we are about to jump into our busy fall wedding season & know that a lot of you may be attending a wedding soon + may need to brush up on your wedding etiquette – we decided to create our Top 10 Wedding Etiquette Rules for Guests (That You Can’t Live Without). read more

An Open Letter To Vendors

Awhile ago, we shot a gorgeous, high-end wedding where money wasn’t a hindrance. The day started at 8:30am and was long and exhausting. Later in the evening it was time for the reception and the guests sat down to begin their 3 hour plated dinner. We paced the floor trying to take photos of guests while they weren’t eating. read more

7 Tips to Help Nail Your Posing Game

I often look at my photos, and I take inventory. I critique my lighting, my composition and framing, and my post-processing. Then I look at my posing. Too many times, mediocre posing has ruined a fantastic photo. And its because of this, that I took it upon myself to make posing a main focus of improving my craft in 2016. read more

The (ABBREVIATED) Guide To The Exposure Triangle

When we purchased our first camera (before Eric & Jamie Photography was even an idea), our goal was to actually KNOW the machine, and not rely on different camera modes to change settings automatically and make the decisions for us. read more