We are a global community of photographers focused on others.


We believe that sharing is at the heart of it all and extends to everything we’re given. Our gifts, our knowledge, our compassion… our photos.


We believe that in celebrating others’ lives we find more joy than in promoting our own.
We welcome new photographers and the ideas they bring.


We believe that there is more power in a warm hug than in a thousand words…
so we ((hug)).

I Shoot & Share Because it’s what my clients wanted. I built my business for my clients, not for myself. I’ve done it since day one and can’t imagine any other way to run my company.

Tiffany Burke

I love the shoot and share model because my clients are enjoying their photos more. They are sharing them, hanging them on their walls, and submitting them places. It’s important to give this to our clients.

Cassie Jones

The Shoot & Share Community is something that I feel EVERY single photographer and creative professional needs. I truly believe we are better because of our connection with each other.

Aaron Greenwood


There are already tens of thousands of Shoot & Share photographers around the globe and the community keeps growing explosively! Jump into the Shoot & Share group on Facebook to get connected with other photographers just like you!


There are currently 75 local groups meeting around the globe. Check out the map to find the one nearest you. If you’d like to start a group in your area we’d love to hear from you!

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