By Perry Smith 

My wonderful Aunt Ann was battling cancer in 2012 while balancing a full-time job and keeping up with her home. She was my hero and I knew I needed to help her but I wasn’t quite sure how I could. Eventually, I landed on the idea of using photography to raise money for her to buy groceries. Clients that booked a session during the month would not only receive their portraits but also directly impact my Aunt’s life. To my surprise it worked and we raised over $3,000 that year for my Aunt.

This was just the beginning of an amazing adventure and in2014, we launched One Month to Give, a non-profit focused on harnessing photography to help those in need. We felt compelled to a deeper purpose in our work and believed that others felt the same way. Each October, photographers from across the country come together to raise money for a specific cause by donating their time and proceeds from a photo session. Over the last two years, over $40,000 has been donated to Wishes & More, Feed My Starving Children and Restore International.

This year we have partnered with Sport’s Disciple who has already built an incredible soccer program incorporating sports, community service, leadership development, and life classes, all while providing food, clean water, and a safe environment for over 1,300 kids. The goal is to help expand the program into more cities and villages. We want to help them build more fields! Each day, you can hear the sound of children knocking at the gate. They want to join but there’s simply not enough space or resources… Let’s make sure no kid gets turned away.

Join us this October to give back! Find out more information here.


885518_706359409407908_5953974423351788308_o About Perry: In 2014, we launched One Month to Give as a way to harness photography to help those in need. We felt compelled to a deeper purpose in our work and believed that others felt the same way. Our founder, Perry Smith, actually started connecting these dots back in 2012 when his aunt was battling cancer—a fight he knew too well after being diagnosed at the age of 15. Driven to make a difference, Perry utilized the skills he had and donated photo sessions—personally raising over $10,000. Now each October, weʼre driven with the same determination to help even more people.