When someone comes to your website, you have 9 seconds to make a connection with them. In that time, if all your prospect knows from your About Page is that you were born with a camera in your hand, you shot 9,000 images before age 12, and you dream in frames… your About Page needs an overhaul.

Maybe you feel you aren’t that adventurous. I’ve felt that way before. Late night trips to Target for Rocky Road ice cream and mascara counts as an adventure right?

Hey, we all have a different style of adventure, but sharing our studious activity of the past paints a vanilla version of us and doesn’t tell people about what makes us come alive. Your prospects want to connect with you and the best way to do that is to be real, communicate your “why” through your content, be authentic and let your quirks connect you.

(You like me more now because of my love of Target and Ice Cream don’t you? Hope so 😉

The most common mistake photographers make on their About Page is sharing information that doesn’t connect them to their ideal clients. If you didn’t love photography you probably wouldn’t do it so let’s assume people know you are passionate about images by seeing your passion displayed in images instead of describing it on this page. Save the info about your art for the info page. (That’s a whole other newsletter)

I love analogies, so for this one lets break it down in Rocky Road ice cream terms.

Chocolate /// Text Content: Text is the king of this page and is the base of the about page. Writing your About Page text should begin with your Vision/ Mission statements about who you are. If you don’t have a Vision/ Mission statement it’s time to invest some effort into writing 3 sentences that describe the core of your passion. I call this your WHY. Why do you do what you do. People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it and every part of your website content should support your why.  Your 3 sentences should describe what is valuable to you as a person and why those things matter. Once you have those written out, blend them into a 250-500 word paragraph that will be the text of your About Page. This text should be short and sweet and written like you are writing to a dear friend. Think of this like a paragraph from your journal about your life.  My core Vision and Mission Statements all revolve around 3 relationships – with God, with my children, with people. I wrote my about section to clearly communicate this is what I am passionate and this is what makes me happy. Everything in my brand supports my WHY and points back to that.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.10.09 PM


My About Section Read (above):
They wake up, with eager anticipations of the day. She likes oatmeal, he wants toast. She loves quality time and he loves cuddling. They are as different as they are the same.  It’s us four, and we are thankful. For everything God has done and everything He is doing. To Him be the glory for all of the gifts He placed in me!

We have messy hair days, and polished red lipstick days too. In the middle of the busy of life I’ve learned to pause, to breath in moments, to learn to love people, and to not rush. To look for the gold in everyone. I’ve learned I come most alive when I empower others into their destiny. And that begins with Love. Radical Love. “

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 4.07.40 PM


SITE FEATURED: Jessica Husted- http://jessicahustedphotography.com/about-jessica

Nuts/// Quirks and Guilty Pleasures:

Go nuts, really. Share guilty pleasures, quirks, and things that make you totally unique. This can be done through little nuggets of text paired with images, or simple sentences. Keep in mind your ideal clients interests, while sharing more about who you are. If your ideal client is a fun bride, show images of you being ridiculous and silly. If you are wanting a more romantic client, highlight your soft sweet side. Let people see that adventurous side of you in whatever way that shows the real you. Cliff diving, shoe shopping, whatever! Choose things that represent you, things you love that also match your over all brand and interests that you share with your ideal client. Show people what you love while being intentional about how it relates to the rest of your brand. If you love doughnuts and bran muffins and want to attract a fun, flirtatious, spontaneous bride, I would highlight the doughnuts and keep the bran muffins between you and the breakfast table. What you choose not to show is just as important as what you do show.

Here are some examples of epic about pages. Notice how each of them chooses to highlight various likes while being intentional about connecting with their target market.

// Jaime Davis- http://jaimedavisphoto.com/1-jaime-s-story-about-becoming-a-professional-photographer-1  // Heather Boren http://www.heatherboren.com/about-me //Candice Wright http://www.candicewright.com/meet-candice


Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 3.52.02 PM


SITE FEATURE: Amanda Manupella- http://amandamanupella.com/home-virginia-beach-wedding-photographer

Marshmellows/// Emotional Side of You:

Oh the soft-and-ooh-gooy emotional side of you.

Yes, we all want to see it.

Whether that be your love story between you and your man, or the way your kids make you melt with butterfly kisses, we all want to see how you emotionally relate to the people in your life that matter to your heart. Share parts of those connections through words or pictures. Even a few sentences will give your prospects a better idea of how you love people well.  Less is more but when it comes to text but on the emotional depth plan on sharing more. Give us all a little peek into how you see and experience love. For me, this begins with my incredible little Story Munchkins. I share parts of my connection with them on my about page in my text, through images and continue sharing that in other parts of social media. I hashtag the sweetness on instagram so those who follow me can get a real sense of me as a mother. #StoryLoveStories

Check out some love stories on my instagram

Now go forth and make changes. It’s time. Update. Add. Change. Revise. And once you are done send me a before and after screen shot with your website link! I’d love to see what changes you’ve made! Happy Branding and be sure to stay connected to get more tips and tricks!
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