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  • NIKON D700
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  • 350/10
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Years ago I wanted to do a cranberry engagement shoot. I searched the internet and made phone calls trying to find someone with a cranberry field who would let me shoot, but not luck. Then last year, my client asks if I'm open to a 'crazy' idea and he tells me HIS family has cranberry field! I was so excited, it was meant to be. But what is best about this shot, is not the sweet boat that they are in which the groom and his dad use to go fishing in as a's HOW this photo was taken. We were planning on taking this shot with a drone, but right when it was taking off, the propeller broke! It was getting dark and there was no time to fix it. Then we had an idea, we noticed an excavator on the property. The grooms dad fired it up and my husband hopped inside the bucket. They raised the arm of the excavator as high as it would go and we still managed to get our ariel shot. Where there is a will, there is a way!