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  • Canon EOS-1D X
  • EF50mm f/1.2L USM
  • 50/1
  • 1.6
  • 1/1000
  • 100
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I had just flown in from overseas and landed and only had time for a sunrise shoot with the sweet Rene Tate Photographer and her fiancé. Unfortunately it was very foggy and dark. I prayed that God would provide amazing light and that we'd be able to find it. So we took the roads up in the Santa Cruz mountains to try and get above the marine layer. We finally found some sun and upon exploring and venturing across random roads we saw this and as the fog was drifting away by the second I positioned them on the road. We shot for a few minutes, then after a brief wardrobe change per their request, the fog blew out and we lost the light, it was there for moments just for us to capture.