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About The Shot
  • Nikon D3s
  • 35.0 mm f/1.4
  • 35/1
  • f/1.8, 35mm lens, multiple frames stitched together
  • 1/640th
  • 250
  • Speedlight shot through a Photek Softliter for fill light

Gown: Claire La Faye , Florals: Lynnvale Studios, Makeup: Amie Decker, Hair: Jewel Hair Design Model: Olivia, This was from a fashion shoot as inspired by the story of A Little Princess. It was my favorite book growing up and after re-reading it recently I wanted to bring it to life. Was so fortunate to find this clocktower in a nearby city since it felt as gray and bleak as any attic in 1900s London. The main theme we wanted to bring out was the sense of creating beauty in the face of sadness, and Claire La Faye designs these ethereal gowns that brought that lightness to the harsh setting. We wanted our 'Sara Crewe' to look like she'd lived in this space for a ages, and to achieve this the florist dried and hand-dyed flowers to have an old and dusty look, and then filled the clocktower face with them as almost a 'nest' of safety that Sara would've created for herself. It was an absolute joy working with this team. The first look was our heroine before she's rescued, with a tattered-looking gown and bits of twigs and flowers woven in through her hair, and this shot is from the second look with a more glamorous beaded gown and stunning hair, showing her return to elegance as the princess she always was.