In this special Photo Contest Edition you will see beautiful, funny, emotional, and inspiring photos that are all Top 10 winners in the 2013 Photo Contest. Grab a hot cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy them. They are amazing.

But this community is about more than beautiful photos, and in this issue you'll also read about the launch of Passion Projects - projects to inspire one another to use our gifts to serve others. There are stories of how individuals have been impacted by a community that is focused on serving each other and our clients. And there is a story celebrating how new photographers are breathing fresh artistic vision and a heart of service into the industry.

We feel very blessed to be part of this amazing community. In just the last six months the Shoot & Share Facebook Group has grown to over 11,000 photographers, together we've created a magazine for Shoot & Share photographers, and every month 70+ local Shoot & Share Groups meet and grow together. In addition to all this, we have the distinct pleasure of receiving dozens of Facebook messages and emails telling stories how how this community has encouraged, supported, and at times carried them when they were in need. It is truly a community that is an example of sharing our gifts, focusing on service, and celebrating new photographers.

You inspire us. Serve On.


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