First Place
Hunter Leone


This is one of my favorite brides ever! She told me from the beginning that she was willing to do anything, but as photographers we all know that "anything" has lots of exceptions. But sometimes serving my client is helping push the boundaries of what they would normally do to get a meaningful photo. So when the couple and I were walking down the beach and I jokingly said, “The two of you need to go out there and stand next to that rock.”, I was actually shocked to hear her say, “Do you think it will be a good shot? Because we’ll go out there right now.”

So I obviously encouraged it. Right as they stood in the freezing water and I posed them, the most perfect wave came crashing in, and this was the result. The bride to this day vouches that her dress remained in perfect condition and is encouraging her friends to book me for shots like this! Oh, and her PASS gallery is my most viewed gallery ever!




Second Place
Jamie Ivins

Third Place
Jenn Bischof

Fourth Place
Malia Johnson

Fifth Place
Meg Courtney

Sixth Place
Sarah Martin

Seventh Place
Erin Gilmore

Eighth Place
Valentin Gamiz

Ninth Place
Rob Korb

Tenth Place
Kaitlin Hebert