For a long time there was only one way for photographers to run their business: they would take the photos and then make their money selling prints and other products to the client after the fact. In the last decade, as digital photography has become the norm, we have seen this shift as clients requested the freedom to enjoy and share their photos. We’ve also seen the consumer print labs, like Walmart, drive the price of prints very low. This makes it harder for photographers to make a profit on print sales, because the client makes the choice to print at a consumer lab.

In contract, a Shoot & Share photographer makes the majority of their income up front in the artistic service they provide. It is a win-win approach that enables photographers to get paid for the service they provide as a photographer, while giving clients the freedom to enjoy it.



We believe that life is about sharing.

That memories are valuable and
moments are worth keeping forever.

That the most special things in life
are better enjoyed with others.

We believe that lifestyles of
generosity can breed a community
that defines itself by service.

That is why we do what we do.
Because this is not our job.
This is our passion.
This is who we are

We believe that what we do is not
what makes us, but why we do it.

We won’t be defined but what’s
been established before.

We will define ourselves.

By celebrating others’ success.
By putting their needs first.
By capturing joy.
And by sharing it with them.

This is who we are.

We are Shoot & Share.