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PASS has not only helped us simplify our workflow, but also helps us serve our clients well. There is nothing more fun than explaining to our clients the amazing sharing capabilities PASS provides. During our meetings I always say, “So back in the olden days (aka a year ago) I used to give out these pretty DVDs in cases. They were nice to look at, but the problem was that only you got to see your photos; you couldn’t share them. Check out PASS!” I then show how they and their guests can star their favorites, download instantly, Pin, share on Facebook and Twitter, and even post directly to Instagram from the PASS Mobile app! Now all their photos are easily accessible to everyone! And with the new mobile app they can even get their photos offline! That’s a HUGE advantage for them. Our clients and their guests have a access to all their photos in a sleek and sexy gallery, right on their phone and tablet.

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