In January I had the amazing experience of leading a trip with 22 photographers and videographers from the Shoot & Share Community to an orphanage in Port-au-Prince, Haiti for the first official Passion Project. To say it was a life changing and life giving trip for the entire group would be an understatement, and I know it is a bit cliche to say, but it is true. We had the opportunity to serve and change the lives of people in Haiti, but I know our lives were impacted just as much.

As a community we have the opportunity, and the responsibility, to share our gifts with each other and with the world. Each of us has in common the gift of photography, but individually and as a community our unique gifts make us so much more. When we share our unique gifts and serve others with them, together we can accomplish amazing, and I believe world changing, projects. And that itself is at the heart of Shoot & Share Passion Projects - to share our gifts and serve others.

For some on our team is was obvious their gift was unconditionally loving on kids and just being present with them. Listening to their stories and telling them, "You are valued." For others it was working in the orphanage painting rooms and making the kids home more of a home. We were also able to use our gifts in photography and videography to help the orphanage and Child Hope International with marketing and promotional projects to help raise funds and bring awareness to the needs in Haiti

One of the projects I learned of that really excited me was a program the orphanage implemented to help young adults transition out of the orphanage when they turn 18. These young people are passionate, smart, and gifted in so many areas. As they turn 18 and are not allowed to stay at the orphanage, they are encouraged to pursue their own passions and to start a business. We had the opportunity to work with these kids on how to market and build their business and their brand, and how they can communicate their passions through what they do.

In spending time doing business coaching with them their “why” took us all by surprise, and honestly brought many of us to tears.

They told us that they wanted to design and make jewelry so they could afford to buy clothes for kids on the street. They wanted to learn construction so they could build a house for their family and others. They wanted to have a business printing t-shirts so that kids wouldn't have to grow up how they did. They unanimously said their desire was to make Haiti a better place - and they wanted to do it together.

They get it. Even though many of these kids have experienced extreme poverty and struggles, they want to use their gifts to serve others.

Most of us have a desire to contribute to our local neighborhoods and cities, to this community, and to the world community as a whole. The question though I know for many is, "How can I be involved?"

What excited me most from the Passion Project I just returned from was hearing all of the amazing things so many people in this community are already doing. Many of you are already pursuing your passion project, and that is amazing. As a community let's openly share our passions and change the world.

So, what makes you come alive and what are you passionate about? Do you have a heart for the mentally disabled? Did you have a really hard time in high school and you want to be able to give back to seniors? Were you a foster child and do you have a passion for others in the foster care system? Do you have a heart for families serving in the military? Do you know of an incredible nurse or

doctor at a hospital because you had to spend a lot of time there? Do you have a heart for women becoming confident and strong business owners?

"Your gifts are not about you. Leadership is not about you. Your purpose is not about you. A life of significance is about serving those who need your gifts, your leadership, your purpose."

We want to know what your passion is and I want help you bring your Passion Project to the Shoot & Share community. If you have a Passion Project email me at

Let's change the world. Together.

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