A few years ago, I was drowning in work – all of the countless hours of editing and taking every possible shooting job I could. I worked all day, would see my family for a few hours, then work again all night. Sound familiar? And though I dreamed of having a “normal” family life, I really enjoyed what I did!

But the point came when I had to make a decision about how I prioritized my time, and editing was something I spent a lot of my time on. I didn't enjoy editing, but it didn’t seem to make sense to spend a couple hundred dollars to do something I already did well. I didn’t even understand why someone would pay to have their lawn mowed, let alone take over a huge part of their business, especially when there always seemed to be more important things to spend money on!

During one point in a very busy shooting month I decided to try sending a wedding to Photographer’s Edit. I uploaded the photos, and their team had them back by the end of the week. Why hadn’t I been doing this the whole time?! I’ve tried a few editing companies over the years, as well as insourcing to an assistant, but I've always come back to Photographer’s Edit because they take care of everything and do it well. I still have an assistant cull the photos, but Photographer's Edit color corrects, crops, chooses black and whites, and handles the final edits. All I do is a final glance over the photos, and then send them off to my clients!

Although editing the images yourself can save you money, it typically does not make you money. Photographer’s Edit takes care of the editing for me, so I can spend time on things that do make money. I've realized it's important to focus on what only I can do, and delegate the rest!

By outsourcing my editing to Photographer’s Edit, the experience I'm able to offer my clients is significantly better! I don’t have a backlog of shoots to edit like I used to, and our process is solid. Even when we shoot a wedding and then go on a trip for a week right after, the client’s wedding is fully edited when we get back!

It is imperative that we show our spouse, our family, and close friends they are valued. Take a look at your credit cards and calendars. Where do you spend most of your money and time? Making the small investment to have someone like Photographer’s Edit handle your editing can have amazing, lasting effects on your personal life. That may mean adjusting your prices accordingly, but it's worth it! And by the way, the $20 lawn guy is worth it, too!

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