My entrance into the wild and wonderful world of wedding photography seven years ago was purely by happenstance. I had always highly enjoyed the arts - mainly painting and drawing, but I grew up around film cameras and a darkroom, as my parents and grandparents were hobbyists in landscape and still life photography.

The brave couples who hired me that first year have my forever gratitude. The evolution of my style has been dramatic over the years as I believe is the case for all photographers and artists alike. You don't know who you really are artistically until the years have challenged you and molded you. The evolution of my business has been pretty dramatic as well. Originally, my clients would receive an album and 4x6 printed proofs (anybody remember those?). Then with digital moving the industry forward my clients wanted a DVD, so my business model changed about four years ago to being what I now love to call Shoot & Share. Originally it was the DVD, one disc containing all your memories... ugh!


Deidre's photos had more votes than any others submitted. She had two first place finishes and had 27 photos in the top 100 across 9 categories earning her the Grand Prize in the 2013 Photo Contest. Flip through the Magazine to see more of her amazing photos.

Grand Prize Winner
Deidre Carlson

If you lose it, scratch it, or if your parents want to borrow it to pass along to great aunt Mildred, you're out of luck.

As a Shoot & Share photographer I love PASS because it's so simple to share my photos. My clients absolutely adore the ease of use and having their own mobile app, and I love the way their images look in PASS - stunning! Also, somehow it just feels more validating as an artist to be paid for my artistic vision and personality rather than a bunch of "things." (Though I still personally love holding a printed image or album, and believe they are important.) Oh, and no more "when will my disc be here?" emails. It's a beautiful thing!


While the story behind each individual photo is vastly different, the story behind my images as a whole is this: showing two people who have been placed in an environment of complete trust, who know they can let down their guard and let their love shine. It's so important to provide your clients with an atmosphere, both physical and emotional, where they feel safe to be completely themselves. For many of my clients, this physical

environment is one surrounded by nature, as landscape photography and the great outdoors is a huge inspiration for me personally, and I love that my portfolio often attracts like-minded couples. Emotionally, I let couples share their love stories by making sure I'm as open and comfortable with them as I need them to be with me. And together we create art, through light and love.