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I can't even count how many hours PASS has saved me. One of the most important (and hardest!) lesson's I've learned as a businesses owner is to embrace not only your strengths, but your weaknesses as well. Burning, labeling, and mailing DVD's or even USB drives is a huge weakness of mine! It requires so many steps and my A.D.D just can’t handle it! To be able to literally drag and drop photos the SECOND they are finished exporting and then instantly send them to my clients is beyond helpful!

Just recently I had a client email me in need of an image that was not in her gallery. Being the busy mom and entrepreneur that I am I was not in the office. I simply opened my computer, launched PASS and dropped in the photos she needed. Viola. Instance access for her and her family around the world in a matter of seconds. PASS truly gives me the freedom and power to have a world-wide reach. No copying, no burning, no mailing, no messy settings to adjust. I literally drag, drop, and move on with my life.

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